Wifi Smart LED Light Bulb RGBW Tuya

Smart Bulb

*สินค้าพร้อมส่ง* / *Ready to ship*

359 THB


Smart RGBW LED 9W E27 Bulb APP WiFi control, Work with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, for Smart Home

– Control device via smart phone / tablet by using application “Tuya” /”Smart Life”

– RGBW LED bulb can change color for 16 million colors.

– Warm white / Cold white

– Dimmable light

– Show status of smart bulb in real time via application

– Setting schedule time for turn on and turn off

– Voice control supportedbyAmazon Alexa and Google Home

– Setting several scenes and connect with other smart devices in house

– Connect Wifi 2.4 G only

– Recommend application “Tuya” and “Smart Life”

How to set up

1. Download application “Tuya” or “Smart Life”

2. Register account by self

3. Connect smart phone or tablet to Wifi 2.4 G

4. Go to application and select “Add Device”

5. Turn on and turn off smart bulb for 5 times, then smart bulb will blink.

6. Smart bulb is connected with application and now enjoy our smart bulb.

*If customers have any question about connecting devices or cannot connect to application, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime